Beyond Golgotha

Written with Peter Horsfield
Brechin Books, 1993
ISBN: 978-0969700807

The stories of the death and resurrection of Jesus are puzzling and powerful. Their influence is enormous. But what lies behind them – and why are they written as they are?

Margaret and Peter Horsfield look beyond the well-known narratives and trace them back to a world of ancient and colourful stories, featuring shining angels and blood money, clouds and mountaintops, donkeys and prophets. Stories that tell of betrayal and despair, appearances and disappearances, of vision, fear and silence. Image by image, detail by detail, theme by theme, the authors trace the accounts of Jesus’s last days to other older stories in the Bible.

Through a maze of reflections and echoes and through a wealth of intricately connected stories, this book acts as a buie. Clearly written, accessible to all, it is for the curious, the seeker, the believe and the non-believer — for anyone interested in the Bible, and in storytelling tradition.

Available on-line or by contacting Margaret.

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